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Welcome to Italian Guardian
This site is about the Cane Corso Italiano, our kennel  and our dogs
Mila, Ludo & Beretta.  

Thank you for visiting our website! We are Wouter & Anita and we are very charmed of the breed Cane Corso Italiano. Since 2002 we are infected with the cane corso virus and we knew we would be getting one or more dogs of this beautiful breed into our home.

She is the first Cane Corso we bought. This happy girl was born on january the 14th 2005.

At first we wanted a litter of our very sweet Mila. We decided not to breed with her. We believe that a bitch should be in excellent condition when she’s having puppies. Unfortunately, Mila has Patella Luxation (she is now not in pain due to good training and supplements).

Offspring of Mila was excluded, but our wish for a second Cane Corso was still in our minds...


We decided that a second dog had to be bred by Manon and Ed of Guardiano degli Angeli. Their dogs are very special to us. In appearance, health and also in character. Over the years we became good friends with them. Anit_MG_2769a was invited by them to be at the mating of Nasty and Karl (parents of Ludo) in the Southern of Germany and she was also there when Ludo was born.

We are so in love with this magnificent breed, that a third Cane Corso would be inevitably. Beretta is also bred by our dear friends Manon & Ed. Her parents are gorgious, we know them very well, and we love them. And besides that, we had the honor to meet most of her family in Italy.

This website was created with the intention to share our interest about the Cane Corso (Mila, Ludo & Beretta in particular). In the meanwhile we are starting to make our breeding-dream to come true. Since 2001 we are following many seminars and courses in order to update our knowledge. Since 2010 our kennel is officialy recorded. In 2012 we hope to welcome our first litter. If you would like to visit our dogs and want to meet us, you are very welcome.

Wouter and Anita