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Guardiano degli Angeli CaLudo
Int. Champion, Dutch Champion, Dutch Veteran Champion, Belgian Winner '11 & Veteran Winner '14



Pedigree name: Caludo

Name: Ludo

Date of Birth: 16 July 2006

Mother: Nasty del Morgan

Father: Karl della Valle dei Lord

Breeder: Guardiano Degli Angeli

Bite: Slightly Undershot

Height: 66 cm

Weight: 51 kilo

HD: A / A

* Dutch Champion

* Internationaal Champion

* Dutch Veteran Champion

* Belgian Winner '11

* Veteran Winner '14

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Ludo is available for studservice, only with official x -rayed and suitable females.

Ludo is a very masculine dog with a strong character. He is very stable, strong, sweet, social and well balanced.
He loves to sit on your lap to get cuddled and receive lots of love. He has a very open character and is looking for loads of contact.

To other dogs he is easy and nice, but not a sissy. He is especially really fond of small dogs and puppies.

Ludo loves children and wants to be around them. He likes to see how the children are playing and wants to play with them. But if that is not possible, no harm done. He approaches everything very carefully and is usually not rough. He is very good in dosing his strength.


He has a strong body, well build and has an excellent contruction. Fortunately he's proven to give this also to his offspring. He is a great reproducer of healthy, strong Cane Corso Italiano's.

Ludo, 3 years old and this is what he could look like if his ears & tail would have been cropped ...(PhotoShop creation):